Fees and insurance companies

Can you see patients from any insurance company?

Yes, the surgeon is registered with all the insurance companies.

Do I need a referral letter?

Usually. Insurance companies will insist that you have a referral letter from your doctor or dentist, particularly now that some of them require common minor oral surgical procedures to be approved in advance (BUPA). It is not always necessary to have a referral letter if you are funding your treatment yourself, but it is good practice for your consultant to speak to your doctor or dentist.

Do I need to speak to my insurance company?

Yes, it is advisable for you to contact your insurers before you come for your initial consultation. They will ask you which consultant you are seeing, and usually which hospital. Some insurers will not cover surgery at particular hospitals – so it's worthwhile knowing beforehand.

What do I tell my insurers?

That your doctor or dentist has suggested that you be referred for an opinion from a maxillofacial surgeon. Occasionally you may be told that – for example – a skin lesion - must be seen by another type of surgeon, but this is not the case. Maxillofacial surgeons are unusual in that they are trained in both medicine and dentistry, and are specialists in surgery of the face, jaws and neck. This means that they may operate on a variety of sites in the head and neck. If you have any queries, contact us and we can speak to your insurers.

Do I need a code for my surgery?

The surgeon will give you a code during your consultation, you should pass this on to your insurers.

The insurance company wants to know whether the surgeon/anaesthetist will charge over the insurance company limits. What do I tell them?

The surgeon will charge 'BUPA' rates for your surgery. The anaesthetist is likely to come from the 'Warwick Group' anaesthetic service at the Nuffield Hospital, and they will also charge BUPA rates. It is not possible to tell you who your anaesthetist will be in advance however.

What happens after my surgery or course of treatment?

The consultant/anaesthetist will submit a bill to your insurance company for payment direct to them. Please remember that most policies have an 'excess', but you won't be invoiced for this until after the consultant has submitted their invoice to your insurance company.

How do I pay my bill if there is an excess or I am paying for myself?

Payment is accepted by cash, cheque or bank transfer. A receipt will only be issued if you request one. If you have chosen a pay for yourself package at a local private hospital, they will take payment from you, and pass the relevant portion on to the consultant. Uninsured patients will be invoiced after their clinic appointment or treatment, no payment is expected at the time of the clinic appointment.

What happens if I don't have health insurance and want to pay for my own treatment?

Self funding patients can be seen at the Nuffield Warwickshire Hospital, BMI Meriden Hospital or Circle Clinic. Judith also sees patients requiring local anaesthetic procedures at Stratford Dental practice. Please see the referrals page for contact details.

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