Frequently asked questions

How do I book an appointment?

Ideally your doctor or dentist needs to refer you first, but there are occasions when a referral letter is not necessary in the first instance. If in doubt, call and ask. Appointments can be made either by ringing 01926 446332 or by emailing.

When are the clinics?

Monday afternoons at the Nuffield Warwickshire, and Wednesday evenings at the BMI Meriden. Appointments at Modus Advanced Dental Clinic, Coventry are by arrangement.

Can I come on a different day or a Saturday?

Arrangements can usually be made to accommodate different days, but this depends on both room availability at the private hospitals and the surgeon's other commitments, and might not always be possible.

Will my insurers need to approve my treatment?

It's always best to call your insurers before coming for your initial outpatient appointment. Some procedures require pre authorisation, but if this is necessary it will be arranged by the surgeon.

What anaesthetist will I have for my procedure?

'Warwick group' anaesthetists are used for daycase and inpatient procedures. These are a group of consultant anaesthetists who practice at Warwick Hospital, and they have vast experience in all matters 'anaesthetic'.

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